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The Comet's Tale No. 39

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The Comet's Tale No. 39

The latest edition of the BAA Comet section newsletter, The Comet's Tale, is now available for download from The newsletter is freely available to all but it is backed by the BAA so if you enjoy reading it please consider joining the Association.

My thanks to everyone involved in this publication but particularly to the editor, Janice McClean, who has done a fantastic job of putting it all together and dealing with an, often distracted, section director along the way.

Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) features on the cover in a beautiful image from David Swan but it came a bit too late for inclusion inside. We'll rectify that in the next edition.

I hope you enjoy reading it. As always, feedback is very welcome.

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The Comet's Tale No. 39

Denis Buczynski
Denis Buczynski It is good to read about observer experiences from around the world which feature in this issue of the magazine. The historical material pays a tribute to observers of the past who made comet observations in a completely different way to the techiniques we use today. Also as free read it is well worth the effort of downloading. Denis Buczynski BAA Comet Section