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Gordon Taylor

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Gordon Taylor

I read in the recent addition of TA that our past President (1968-70) has recently died age 95 He was the director of the computing section for many years, l believe for the longest period. He worked on predicting occutations of not by the moon but planets as well. He as one of the first amateurs to observe visually geo stationary satellites.  There is plenty of information about the work of Gordon in the Journal and on the web. We should be proud that he was leading member of our association and remember his passing.

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Gordon Taylor
Gordon was most helpful when I researched HMNAO's Occultation Machine. I occasionally 'phoned him to update him on current developments in occultation astronomy and the promise of Gaia's astrometry.
Gordon's autobiography was published in JOA 2016-4 

An obituary (written by Tim Haymes) will appear in the Journal.


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Gordon Taylor

I took over from Gordon as Director of the Computing Section. His main role was the BAA Handbook and he passed me all his software written in the oldest version of BASIC I'd seen, but it worked. I visited his place many times and he was incredibly friendly and helpful. He was still running into his early 90s and was full of beans. I'll certainly miss him.

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I didn't know Gordan

I didn't know Gordan personally but he was the founder of the Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society, which I've been a member for at least 25 years. There is a video of Gordon being presented a special award by Roger Pickard for his outstanding contribution to astronomy.