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HADS star V376 Camelopardalis


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About this observation
Dave Smith
Time of observation
04/04/2020 - 20:09
V376 Cam
Observing location
Maldon, Essex
Celestron 11" EdgeHD scope
0.7x reducer
Johnson V filter
Atik 460EX
Multiple 25s binned 2x2
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Xilman's picture

There is a very noticeable plateau in the light curve as the star is fading. Can you comment on why this effect occurs?

dwgsmith's picture

I am no expert on this but suspect that it may be due to the star being multi-periodic i.e. having more than one period of oscillation which interferes with the main period. This effect is more apparent in the curve I am about to post V799 Aur.

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