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NGC 3184


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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
26/03/2020 - 23:00
NGC 3184
Observing location
SkyWatcher 72ED
HEQ5 Pro mount
Sony A6300
170 x 30 seconds ISO 6400
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The two third magnitude stars are Tania Australis (orange) and Tania Borealis  (blue). These form a rear foot of the Great Bear. The poor old bear has one of those swirly galaxy things (NGC 3184) stuck in its rear paw.

I've set this as my desktop background, to remind me to re-book that eye-test when the current situation eases.

I've updated this observation to correct my original reported designation of NGC 3180, to the actual NGC 3184. The image filename remains incorrect.


Grant Privett's picture

Lovely picture, but isn't the swirly thing NGC3184?

I love the idea of M31, the Andromeda Swirly thing...

mikescaz's picture

Thank you Grant.

You are absolutely correct of course. I'm going to push the blame for this onto Stellarium version 0.18.2, which reports NGC 3180 (PGC 30087) for this object. The older version I have on my laptop (0.13.2) identifies it as 3184, as does  NGC 3180 is apparently (Wikipedia) an HII region within the galaxy. I shall modify the observation accordingly.

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