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CeIestron Nexstar Version 4 Hand Controller Wanted.

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Joined: 27/05/2016 - 15:09
CeIestron Nexstar Version 4 Hand Controller Wanted.

 I have a Celestron Nexstar 11GPS SCT and the hand controller screen is getting
> very faint [ I think it is failing with age, a bit like the owner ]. I would like to replace it
> anyway as it is the original version hand controller [ HC= 1.6 and MC=4.6 ]
> and the firmware cannot be updated.  Celestron tell me I would be better
> trying to acquire a replacement version 4 hand controller rather than the Nexstar+
> version as the firmware is more compatible with my older version of scope.
> As these hand controllers are only available on the secondhand market I am enquiring if any member has one they would be interested in selling.  Cheers.