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NGC 4631, NGC 4656


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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
02/03/2020 - 23:45
NGC 4631, NGC 4656
Observing location
Cambridgeshire, UK
SkyWatcher 200P with coma corrector
AZ-EQ6 GT mount
Sony A6300 camera
AstroArt6 software
204 images, 30 seconds each at ISO 4000
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The Whale galaxy, and the Crowbar galaxy. The galaxies are interacting, the Whale (NGC 4631) producing the bend in the Crowbar.

I had issues with the flat frames in AstroArt6. A multi-coloured sky background reminiscent of the Two-Tone trousers of the 1970s (but with red in there), Deep Sky Stacker seemed happy with the flat frames, but the image it produced was not as crisp, so this is an AstroArt6 stack without the flat frames (and cropped to suit).

It is half the resolution of the original image, so about 1.6 arc seconds per pixel with a field of view of 51.5 x 49.2 minutes.

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