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Venus this evening


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
20/02/2020 - 17:19
203mm Newtonian Reflector
Filters: W15, W47 and W21
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Finally, a gap in the clouds whereby the external Universe can be observed!!
Attached is an observation of Venus made this evening (20th February).  Some interesting details on the disk- although the cloud features were perhaps not as prominent compared to me last view of the planet, but the markings were still fairly easy to pick out.  The W47 particularly brought out some interesting subtle details- the view in IL, W15 and W21 seem to be fairly similar.  Other points include:
Bright Limb Band: Very bright- quite dazzling as the sky got darker.
Terminator: Geometrically regular
Cusp caps: Southern cusp cap now quite small- both cusp caps seems to be about the same size and not particularly bright.
Cusp collars:  Both seem to be present.
Best wishes,
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