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How low can you go....

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How low can you go....

Well, when it's raining again you have to do something with your time...

Slit spectroscopy on the cheap.

A 3D printed "Tragos" spectroscope using a Star Analyser 200, a 3D printed 50mm F7 telescope, an EQ3 Pro Synscan, a Meade DSI3, a chinese copy of a chinese copy guide camera and a 10 year old Samsung mini-laptop running PHD2 and Meade capture software (it'll run CdC and run the mount too).  Even the "Vixen/Skywatcher" mounting bar is 3D printed.

Resolution should be above R=350 according to the designer (18 years ago!).

Easy to set up even for grab-and go, which is the intention for a Newcastle Astro Society workshop next week on Spectroscopy.

Yes, I know, it's still raining.  

Clear Skies!