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First light CaK module image


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About this observation
Alun Halsey
Time of observation
09/01/2020 - 12:34
Observing location
Reading Berkshire UK
Kson 80mm f/6 apo triplet
Lunt Calcium K module with B1200
QHY5III 178M planetary camera + 0.5x reducer
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 First light with Lunt Cak Module used with 80mm apo triplet piggybacked to C9.25 on Ioptron CEM60. 1000 frame AVI recorded in Sharpcap,stacked in Autostakkert and wavelet sharpened in Registax,final processing and false colour added using Photoshop CS2.


lynsmith's picture

Wow, what a great image Alun.  I've saved your image to the Solar Section archive.  If you are taking any more of this quality, please send them in to the Solar Section direct

Alun_H's picture

 Apologies for the late reply. Thank you Lyn,will pass my images on to you. How do I join the Solar Section?

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