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Galway (Ireland) AstroFest

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Galway (Ireland) AstroFest


Details have just been released of the 2020 Galway Astronomy Festival taking place at the end of this month , This event is one of the many superb Irish Astronomy gatherings, our astronomy scene is quite small with 15 (busy) clubs throughout the 32 counties linked to IFAS, and we have lots of dark skies, especially to our west where we have a Gold tier Internationally recognised Dark sky park and reserve.

Thanks to the local club for putting together a  line up of fantastic speakers in this the 17th year of the event. 

January 24th 7.30pm
Festival screening of ‘Apollo 11’ – Eye Cinema

January 25th 10am

1. Megan Schwamb (QUB): ‘Tales from the Solar System’
2. Mike Redfern (NUIG): ‘The E-ELT, Biggest (and best) eye on the sky’
3. Lána Salmon: ‘EIRSAT-1: Ireland’s first satellite’
4. Luke McConnell: ‘Particle Physics – what really goes on at CERN’
5. Julie McEnery (NASA):‘Exploring Nature’s accelerators with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope’
6. Mike Foylan ‘How to set up a meteor capturing camera system & the Nemetode network’

Ronan Newman

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Galway (Ireland) AstroFest

Thank you Ronan. Really looking forward to this excellent event. Well done to everyone involved in organising Galway AstroFest, hope to see many of our colleagues and friends from the UK attending.