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Ursid maximum radio detection

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Ursid maximum radio detection

Here in York I monitored (using BRAMS 49.970MHz) forward scatter radio echoes for the Ursids 191223 and for several hours either side on the adjoining days. The IMO Calendar had predicted a visual maximum at 191223 0300. The attached events chart seems to support this timing for the radio results as well: rates increased to a peak at around that time, rising beyond what might perhaps be expected from the normal diurnal curve. Hourly rate averaged over 24h was 22.

The histogram of amplitudes shows a detected range of 20dB. The results seem to show some depletion at the fainter end of the scale but whether this is instrumental or even related to the Ursids I don’t know. Forward scatter results cannot distinguish between shower meteors and sporadics, unfortunately….!