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2020 Handbook - Phases of the Moon

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2020 Handbook - Phases of the Moon

Just got round to looking at some facts for 2020 in the Handbook and was planning lunar observations for the start of the year.  I checked the phases of the Moon on page 27 and then had a look at the Virtual Moon Atlas app and found that the phases did not coincide.  I then looked at the phases as given in the 2019 handbook and find that this data is exactly the same as that which is given in the 2020 handbook.  I presume this is a general error and not limited to my particular copy.  Anyone else noticed this?

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You are quite right. Had not

You are quite right. Had not looked at that section until your prompting. Oops. Ah - this had been noticed after printing. You can download the one page PDF with the corrections from this website. Click on the publications tab.

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Corrections available onlnie

Well spotted Ken. This error was pointed out in the early November eNewsletter.

A replacement page is available in the Handbook area of the website, and the online Handbook has the correct phases.

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