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AstroImageJ Data Processing in Batch Mode

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AstroImageJ Data Processing in Batch Mode

For the past year I have been using Richard Lee's excellent tutorial on processing variable stars data with AstroImageJ and then using his spreadsheet to get the data ready for upload to the VSS database. With just a couple of targets this worked well - however as my ambitions grew and the amount of data grew exponentially -  I need a faster method of processing. Especially as urgent requests for monitoring another star is part of life attached to BAA VSS Alert system and yet it was taking weeks to get to the results - not just the lack of clear nights!

Attached are a PDF describing a new method of using AstroImageJ Data Processor in batch mode and an example macro which shows how to do this. Hope some members find this useful to start developing their own macros. (Please note the upload system needs a .doc extension - ImageJ macros use a .txt extension)

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Thanks could be very useful. Regards Andrew 

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Re: AstroImageJ Data Processing in Batch Mode

Thank you.  I've been using APT in batch mode to process many thousands of images from high-cadence photometry runs, at least in part because it is so easy to automate compared with AIJ.  Time for me to re-evaluate that decision.

Now to see whether your macro works in LibreOffice.  The ones supplied by the BAA-VSS do not, another reason why APT has been the utility of choice.