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Elara (Jupiter-VII)


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About this observation
Paul Leyland
Time of observation
16/06/2019 - 23:25
Elara (Jupiter-VII)
Observing location
Tacande Observatory
0.4m Dilworth-Relay
SBIG-8 with AO-7 autoguider
No filter
486 seconds in 10 subs

The first Jovian satellite imaged in my program.  The MPC ephemeris has V magnitude of 16.5.  The bright star to the lower right, with extensive CCD blooming, is HD 155414 at V=7.86.  The striations in the back ground are due to the imperfect removal of the scattered light from Jupiter.  They show up because of the contrast stretching used to make Elara more easily visible which, itself, is not so much brighter than the sky background.

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