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V1057 Cygni: An FU Orionis variable star


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About this observation
Mike Harlow
Time of observation
19/09/2019 - 21:00
V1057 Cygni
Observing location
Ipswich, UK
12 inch F/3.6 astrograph
Starlight Xpress H16 CCD
Astrodon luminance filter
10 x 20 seconds
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Star hopping from Deneb to observe SS Cygni recently I must have crossed this field numerous times in the last few weeks.  But inspired by John Hughes' recent image of the North America nebula I thought I would stop to image this curious star.

Known as a relatively inconspicuous variable near mag 16 it brightened by 6 magnitudes at the end on 1969 and by August 1970 it  reached mag 9.  Since then it has gradually faded.  Down to mag 11.8 in 1988 and now at mag 12.9 and the spectrum has changed from B-type at max through G type in 1982, with strong H alpha emission, and now...I don't know...I'll have a look next time I'm in the area.

The behaviour suggests this is one on the rare FU Ori stars and although it looks rather insignificant it has an interesting history.

Embedded in the North America nebula it sits just about the Gulf of Mexico in Texas(!) very near the centre of John's image.

Number are magnitudes taken from the AAVSO chart for V1057 Cyg with decimal point removed. They refer to the star to the left of the number.

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