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Infinite worlds issue 4

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Infinite worlds issue 4
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This seemed appropriately timed:

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Paper on exoplanets and citizen science: Saturn sized exoplanet

Hi,Here is a link to the arXiv website posting an abstract a paper on a Saturn sized planet discovered , in part, though citizen scientists. 

The first line of the abstract is reproduced below:

We report on the discovery and validation of TOI-813b (TIC 55525572 b), a transiting exoplanet identified by citizen scientists in data from NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and the first planet discovered by the Planet Hunters TESS project.

I am one of many volunteers, probably including other BAA members, who found the light curve dip last winter. It is interesting that for transits that are infrequent ( this planet has an orbital period of about 80 days) , the automated searches are less able to detect the dip as they depend upon reoccurring events. So transits from hot Jupiters with short periods are easily found but cold Jupiters with long orbital periods are more difficult. So there is a role for volunteers even if you do not possess a telescope.