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Videos of the Spectroscopy Software Training Workshop

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Videos of the Spectroscopy Software Training Workshop

The videos of the Spectroscopy Software Training Workshop are now online and may be viewed at the below link. Please note you need to be a BAA member and logged into your website account to be able to watch more than the first 2 minutes.

I should caveat these videos by explaining they are recordings of a training workshop, meaning they are not of the same quality as a normal meeting. There are silences while issues on attendee laptops are resolved and pauses while attendees are given time to try out processes for themselves. I asked on the day and it was thought these videos would none the less be beneficial, and so we have posted them to the website.

My thanks to Dominic for his help in processing these videos.


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Video of spectroscopy training

Thank you for this Andy. I was unable to attend the training event so this is welcome news.