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SS Cygni spectrum


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About this observation
Mike Harlow
Time of observation
04/09/2019 - 20:50
SS Cygni
Observing location
Ipswich, UK
12 inch F/3.6 astrograph
Starlight Xpress H16 CCD
Astrodon luminance filter
10 inch, 3 degree objective prism
8 x 30 seconds
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More fun with spectroscopy: A spectrum of SS Cygni

Now that SS Cygni is cooling and fading, Hydrogen emission lines are starting to appear in the spectrum.  This low resolution spectrum reveals the Balmer series from H alpha to H delta.  Note that some field stars show the same pattern of corresponding absorption lines. 

SS Cygni was ~ mag. 11 when this spectrum was taken.

For a full discussion of the spectrum of SS Cygni through its outburst cycle see David Boyd's paper in the BAAJ from 2013.  My spectrum corresponds to his spectrum e) taken on 10th October 2013.  

More details of CV spectra are given in Coel Hellier's book on Cataclysmic Variable Stars: How and why they vary by Springer-Praxis in 2000.

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