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NGC6888 and WR136


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About this observation
Mike Harlow
Time of observation
23/08/2019 - 22:00
NGC6888 and WR136
Observing location
Ipswich, UK
12 inch F/3.6 astrograph
Starlight Xpress H16 CCD
Astrodon luminance filter
8 inch 12 degree objective prism
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More fun with spectroscopy.

With Cygnus high in the sky an opportunity to image NGC6888 and take a spectrum of the central Wolf-Rayet star, WR136 (aka HD192163, V1770 Cyg). Ordinary CCD image on the left with the same field on the right taken through the objective prism...with the ghostly H alpha image of the nebula just about visible.

Provisional spectral line id given in C.  There seems to be some disagreement on line id from different sources on the internet.

More a chance to try out the equipment rather than anything new or scientific; but an encouraging result...

(Sorry about the orientation...north is to the left as the prism is mounted North-South which also gives red left and blue right.  Note also one advantage (or disadvantage?) of using a prism: dispersion is much greater at the blue end of the spectrum...!)


djswan2002's picture

Really, really nice, Mike. I miss using my StarAnalyser (grating) - I usually have my Hyperstar installed now. I think I might just swap it out and do some spectro. The prism works really nicely in your particular scope config. You can probably do some supernova characterisation - Robin L is the goto expert there. David

Andy Wilson's picture

Fascinating to see the image and slitless spectra of the field side by side. It clearly demonstrates how the spectrum of the Wolf-Rayet star has a different appearance to the other field stars.

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