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Comet 2017T2 PanSTARRS


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About this observation
Peter Carson
Time of observation
08/08/2019 - 01:59
Comet 2017T2 PanSTARRS
Observing location
Leigh on sea nr Southend Essex
315mm reflector
UV/IR cut filter
sbig ST 8300
10 x 60 sec exposures stacked
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The sky this morning in Essex was about as good as its gets for me and C/2017T2 PanSTARRS just cleared various obstructions as viewed from my observatory. Here’s my image taken at the start of astronomical dawn with the comet at about 15 degs altitude.
It’s showing  short 2 arcmin tail. I measured its m2 brightness at mag 14.45 with a 6.6 arcsec rad aperture and it’s m1 brightness at 14.34 over a coma of 22.6 arcsec dia.
Its certainly changed since I last took a series of images in the late autumn / winter of 2018, lets hope it keeps changing for the better.
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