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NLC display at Tarbatness 20190617_18


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About this observation
Denis Buczynski
Time of observation
17/06/2019 - 23:30
NLC display
Observing location
Tarbatness Highland Scotland
14mm Samyang + Canon 1000D
Hello all,
There was an extensive display of bright NLC seen here last night at Tarbatness. First noticed after cloud started to clear around 23:15 UT and the display continued until dawn light overpowered the display. There was always some low tropospheric cloud interferring and masking the display. It was very extensive with many different features of NLC type constantly changing. During the clearest parts of the display NLC could be seen from West to East for around 160 degrees and past the Zenith, so a very extensive display.Mesmerising to watch. I obtained many images with two cameras over 3 hours and two images are attached (one from each camera) showing some of the many features seen.
Best wishes


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