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Pair of Lyrid meteors 20190425_014517


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About this observation
Alex Pratt
Time of observation
25/04/2019 - 01:45
Pair of Lyrid meteors
Observing location
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Watec 910HX video camera
Computar 8mm f/0.8 lens
UFO Capture
UFO Analyser
25 frames per sec (50 fields per sec)

The April Lyrids (LYR) are medium-speed meteors, entering the Earth's upper atmosphere with geocentric velocities of 46 km/s. These two Lyrid meteors, estimated mags 1.3 and 1.9, appeared 0.8s apart as they scooted through UMa.

I recorded 577 meteors during April with 58 being Lyrids, plus 9 of the elusive eta Aquarids (ETA), otherwise there was steady activity from numerous minor streams. The mean magnitude of the 58 LYRs was 2.0 and I recorded very few brighter than mag 1.

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