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Campaign to observe HR Lyrae

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Campaign to observe HR Lyrae

With Lyra becoming well placed for observation until the end of the year (at least in the northern hemisphere), we are launching a campaign to observe this old nova in quiescence. Coincidentally, this year is the centenary of the discovery of Nova Lyrae on 1919 December 6 by Miss Mackie at the Harvard College Observatory.

We are looking for nightly snapshot photometry (CCD or visual). In addition, some long time series photometry runs would be helpful. Spectroscopy is also desirable, but this will be a real challenge given the magnitude. I last observed it at V = 15.6 on April 1 at mag with the AAVSOnet’s SRO telescope.

Full details about the campaign, what is already known about HR Lyr and what we are seeking to discover about the star are available on the BAA website.

The campaign will continue until the end of the year

Jeremy Shears