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NCG 4216 et al.


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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
31/03/2019 - 22:30
NGC 4216
Observing location
Cambridgeshire UK
200mm Newtonian
AZ/EQ 6 mount
Sony A6300
151 x 30 seconds ISO 4000
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Field of view of around 1.25 x 0.8 degrees.  The image is one third of the original resolution.

NGC 4216 is very similar in apparent size and magnitude to M98 featured in my previous picture, but didn't make it into Messiers catalogue (or indeed Patrick Moore's Caldwell catalogue). It features a prominent dust lane easily discernible in the picture. A number of other galaxies are obviously visible in this image, and I won't list or comment on them, bar one. This is NCG 4189 to the top right of the image. It is designated an SBc type in the Hubble classification scheme. SB implying a barred spiral, and c indicating tightly packed and wrapped spiral arms. In De Vaucouleurs extension of the Hubble classification system it is SAB(rs)cd. From the evidence in the image here, I would have given it the classification StCDi (Something the Cat Dragged in).

Apologies for the flat frames not working - a regular issue which I really ought to address.

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