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Stereo anaglyphs of 67P

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Stereo anaglyphs of 67P

Spotted this on today's astro-ph listing. Possibly of interest to anyone with a pair of red-blue glasses.


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Stereo anaglyphs of 67P

3d images certainly add greatly to  understanding the  topography of the Comet.  My initial impressions of  Figures 9  and 10 are that I was seeing eroded Lava  . Similar to that  seen  on a visit  to Iceland  some  years ago. These images  certainly bring out the  texture and  depth of the Comet's surface features..

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67P 3D models

Mattias Malmer built a nice 3D model of 67P from Rosetta Navcam images which you can find here. It is still fairly low res and a much higher metre level model from DLR/MiARD is available from here along with a suitable viewer. If you have a suitable 3D printer you can print your own model of the nucleus.