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C/2018Y1 (Iwamoto) near M95


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About this observation
David Arditti
Time of observation
11/02/2019 - 04:13
Comet 2018Y1 (Iwamoto)
Observing location
Edgware, UK
279mm SCT f/2
QHY8 camera
IDAS filter

Close to perihelion, and closest to Earth (0.3AU), the comet was fairly racing through the field, and I had to restrict exposures to 30s. This is a stack lasting 15 minutes, stacked on the moving comet, and you can see from the star trails it drifted though about 0.1ยบ in that time.

The reddish blur in the upper left is the galaxy Messier 95, though you'd not guess it.

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