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ISS and 2 other satellites


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About this observation
Philip Masding
Time of observation
02/02/2018 - 18:44
Observing location
Canon 450D
Ioptron Sky Tracker
55mm, f5.6, ASA400 2 minutes
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This image shows the ISS passing through Aries with another satellite showing regular flashes and a third fainter one on a track roughly perpendicular to the ISS. The flashing satellite was about magnitude -1. Notice also that there are fainter flashes between the bright ones. Getting this image was really lucky. I had intended to image the ISS passing through the Hyades but guess what the only cloud in the sky hovered over them for about 15 minutes so I randomly chose to image Aries instead. I'm still trying to identify the flashing satellite - so if anyone knows please let me know. 

Update: The flashing satellite is Telkom 3 which is presumably tumbling out of control because it failed to reach its intended orbit due to a Russian rocket failure in 2012. The faint satellite is Cosmos 2151. 

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