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About this observation
Neil Morrison
Time of observation
21/01/2019 - 04:41
Moon & Star 97590?
Observing location
Crawley west |Sussex
Celestron C90
Sony 65a Slt
|Sky watcher Star Adventurer
ISO 1600 10sec ( F11)

Fortunate to have a clear Night . Started Observing  at 03h 09m   Surprised  how  quickly the Umbra shadow appeared  and first of a series of 44 images  taken at 03h 34m . Camera  set  to Centre weighted Automatic. ISO 400. By 04h 22m the shutter speed had diminished to 1/5 sec so I changed to Manual control and set  ISO 1600 and 10sec at which setting I continued to use for the  rest of the  images.  At this longer exposure setting  stars close to the Moon  started to be seen in the  reviewed  frames. On  this frame taken at 04h 41.09 there is  a little blue star ( seven o' clock position) which in the  subsequent  frame  at 04h 42.59 is  gone.  By reference to the Lunar section  Notes for January  may this  star be  No 97590 ?.  If  so  once again  the little C90 bought  Second hand  about 30 years ago has  proved to be  a Star performer.   A very good if very  cold night  observing .  Minus 5 degC  here  one mile from  Gatwick.

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