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Comet Hale Bopp


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About this observation
John Chuter
Time of observation
01/01/2009 - 10:19
Comet Hale Bopp
Observing location
My garden in Somerset
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Going through old family photos over Xmas and found slides of Hale Bopp I had completely forgotten about.

So this was taken back in 1997 and with a Canon film SLR. I got my first digital camera in 1998!

I have posted it just as it scanned from the slide. 

Hope the resolution, New Year one that is, continues, to post some images!!


Jeremy's picture

Now _that_ was a real comet, John! Thanks for sharing.

The pressure is on the Comet Section Director to come up with one like that....

djswan2002's picture

Yes, this comet was quite something. According to the Atlas of Great Comets, gravitational perturbation by Jupiter in April 1996 reduced the comet's aphelion distance to 368 AU and we can expect a return in the first decade of the 45th century... LOL

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