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Planetary Montage 2018


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About this observation
Martin Lewis
Time of observation
01/01/2018 - 00:00
Planetary Montage 2018
Observing location
St Albans
444mm Dobsonian/222mm Dobsonian


In celebration of 2018 here is a montage of all the planets (except Earth of course) over the year just gone. All taken with my 444mm Dob except Mercury and Venus which were captured with my 222mm Dob. All rendered at the same image scale for comparison.

Details of dates/cameras/filters/altitudes are given below;

  • Mercury 20th May 642nm IR filter ASI290MM. Alt 47°
  • Venus 20th Oct 685nm IR filter ASI290MM.
  • Mars 24th Dec RGB ASI224MC + L filter. Alt. 35°
  • Jupiter 27th June ASI174MC. Alt. 23°
  • Saturn 26th June (opposition night) ASI224MC + L filter. Alt. 15°
  • Uranus 24th Dec ASI290MM colourised for aesthetic reasons. Alt. 44°
  • Neptune 9th Oct ASI290MM colourised for aesthetic reasons. Alt. 29°
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