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NGC 7331, Deer Lick Group, Stephan's Quintet


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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
29/11/2018 - 23:00
Deer Lick Group, Stephan's Quintet
Observing location
800mm f.l. f/4 Newtonian
Canon EOS 500D
HEQ 5 Pro mount
67 x 30 seconds, ISO 3200
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In response to James Dawson's Observer's Challenge from October, at the end of November I attempted an image with NGC 7331 and the Deer Lick group in the same field as Stephan's Quintet. At the time, the coloured background noise in the stacked image was so excessive that I gave up with colour and just placed a monochrome version on my Astronomy blog pages. Boxing day (most of it) provided the opportunity to attempt to get some star colour back into this image. This was mainly done for the benefit of the obvious red star, horizontally central and about one fifth of the way up from the bottom of the image. Stellarium tells me this has a Colour Index of 1.67 - not as red as Antares.

The main tidal tail in Stephan's Quintet is just about visible above noise level, and there are a number of other NGC (and PGC) objects dotted around the image not associated with the two groups mentioned.

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