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SN2018oh featured on Sky and Telescope website

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Joined: 05/03/2014 - 00:50
SN2018oh featured on Sky and Telescope website

I thought the name sounded familiar when I read the article. It turns out SN2018oh was one of the Supernovae I classified this year. 

(The paper mentioned there cites my classification)

There are other  papers coming to press on this SN which add to the debate on what the progenitor systems of type Ia SNe look like ( eg the traditional model of accretion onto a white dwarf from a companion star or a merger of two white dwarfs, an alternative which has been gaining support in recent years)  Though no firm favourite yet  it seems


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Excellent, Robin!


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Good stuff, Robin. Kepler was a very productive craft, including in its second phase of operations.