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Motley Crew meet up in Suffolk!


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About this observation
Martin Mobberley
Time of observation
10/12/2018 - 15:21
4 BAA members
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4 notorious BAA members met up at Tom Boles' house today. From left to right: Me, Tom Boles, Nick James, Denis Buczynski. Photo by Liz Buczynski.


callump's picture

What happened to Nick's shoes...

James John Fraser's picture

The Men From U.N.C.L.E. - The Missing Shoes Affair

Martin Mobberley's picture

We'd all been indoors, shoe-less, but I had to leave because I can't leave my Dad unattended for more than a few hours these days, so I had to return the 25 miles to Cockfield. So the others dashed outside for a quick parting photo before I left. I guess Nick couldn't be bothered putting his shoes back on!

Grant Privett's picture

Nick may have lost his shoes but was the only one to hold on to his wine!

NickDHewitt's picture

I am delighted to see Martin and Tom with the Comet Section officers. Hope for a get together afore long.

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