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About this observation
Mike Scarisbrick
Time of observation
12/10/2018 - 00:00
Observing location
Skywatcher Explorer 200P
Baader MPCC Coma Corrector
Canon 500D
AZ/EQ6 mount
15 x 60 seconds at ISO 1600, plus a few dark and bias frames
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With guests round on the evening of the 11th October, we had a brief tour of a selection of objects visible in the pier mounted 8 inch Newtonian (the usual Autumn suspects). The double cluster in Perseus still has to be in my top three "through the eyepiece" objects. We ended on M27, the Dumbbell nebula. I intended to use this as an opportunity to show how much more could be seen by just popping a standard DSLR on the end of the 'scope, and the demo seemed reasonably effective with just a single 30 second exposure. 
I went on to take some more pictures at 60 second exposures, this is 15 of them, stacked and processed in Astro Art 6. The rich field in this area flatters the equipment.

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