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AG Draconis compared with Zeta Draconis: Spectra in Autumn 2018


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About this observation
John Coffin
Time of observation
28/10/2018 - 11:38
AG Draconis
Observing location
Essex, UK
Alpy 600
Atik 460 EX
Celestron 8 Edge HD with 0.7 x reducer
Lodestar off axis guiding
6 x 600s

This is a spectrum of the symbiotic star AG Dra which is currently being monitored by ARAS (a French Group) at the request of some professional astronomers. It is shown here compared with the reference star Zeta Dra. There is a problem calibrating the wavelength. It is accurate at wavelengths shorter than H beta, but around 3 A out towards the longer wavelengths. There has been much discussion about this on the spectroscopy forum. It may turn out to be a limitation of the Alpy spectrometer.

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