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(156) Xanthippe occultation


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About this observation
Steve Knight
Time of observation
29/10/2018 - 19:19
Observing location
Warkworth (52 deg 4' 4" N, 1 deg 17' 9" W)
Canon 6D
Celestron 9.25in SCT
1 sec at ISO 25,600
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My first attempt at an asteroid occultation observation.  Did not go as well as planned.  Was going to use planetary camera but issues arose so plan B was a DSLR.  Not good enough timing resolution to make a measurement.  Image 1 (left) showing star was at 19:09:04, missing on middle frame taken at 19:09:07, back again on right frame, 19:09:10.  Star is indicated on before and after frames.  Cropped, field of view is ~26x26'.  If that is not the correct star, please let me know.


Chris Hooker's picture

Well done, Steve, especially as you had never attempted one of these events before. A few people seem to have had difficulties with it, mainly, I suspect due to the faintness of the target star. Congratulations!


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