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PK 104-29.1


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About this observation
Dean Ashton
Time of observation
18/10/2018 - 22:00
PK 104-29.1 or Jones 1
Observing location
St Austell, Cornwall UK
Celestron 235mm EdgeHD
Celestron Nightscape 10100 OSC
CGEM Mount
f/10, 24x600s exposures
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I had not come across this planetary nebula before seeing it in the September edition of Astronomy Now.  It fits well with the Pegasus Challenge!  It is quite a large planetary nebula at 5' across, but rather dim at magnitude 15.

RA 23h35m54s  Dec +30o 28'02"


Grant Privett's picture

Its a lovely object and fun to image but I'm not sure its a supernova remnant.

Dean Ashton's picture

Oh, I think I got carried away reading an article on SNRs and transferred that to Jones 1!  I need to take greater care.  Thank you for pointing it out Grant.

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