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Leonid Meteor Display in 2001


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About this observation
Peter Anderson
Time of observation
15/10/2018 - 15:00
Leonid Meteor Shower
Observing location
Winton Queensland
Standard camera 24mm lens
5 minute exposures merged (none too expertly) 800 ISO high speed Kodak colour print film.
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For a period of perhaps 40 minutes this meteor shower peaked with a ZHR reaching 3,500. Rob McNaught of Siding Spring Observatory alerted us and we drove (2 days) north-west as far as Winton where the shower peaked just after 18hrs UT on 18th November 2001. This was a little before dawn. (In Brisbane where we live it was already light by this time.) A smaller peak of around 1500 ZHR was seen in the US between 10hrs and 11hrs UT.

I have many individual images with the 24mm and 55mm lenses and can forward a 'powerpoint' for anyone interested. Individual frames show up to about eight meteors. (I had made a crude wooden mount for the two cameras and this was affixed across the fork of the guiding C8.) The image here attempts at a consolidation of some of the 24mm images and suffers from the 'wide angle image shift problem', plus lots of other faults, but you get the impression of the 40 meteors per minute!

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