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comet bennet


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About this observation
Neil Morrison
Time of observation
13/10/2018 - 21:46
Comet Bennet
Observing location
Horley Surrey
35mm PetriFlex V
Tri X Kodak Film
Microdol X Developer
135mm F2.8 Lens
15 Seconds F2.8
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Seeing  Peter Anderson's  Picture of Comet Bennet called to mind that  I had a surviving  picture of the same Comet.

It had survived  house moves and the years  that have passed since.  My records of the  cassette of Film that was  used  can only identify that the image was  either taken  on the 4th April 1970 at 03h 20m gmt or the 11th April  at either 01h10 or 02h 10. through the open Bedroom Window. Now  all these  years later  most of the record keeping is embedded  with the images we take.  and  we do not have to  brew up  chemical in spiral tank  before  we can see  results.  


Americo Watkins's picture

At 13 yrs of age this was the first comet I ever saw.  I had been observing with a friend using my newly acquired 4.5" reflector.

As dawn approached we packed up for the night and walked along the back garden path to the house and there it was.  I had no awareness that the comet could be observed- an independent discovery at the best time of viewing it.  No comet has matched this one because of the circumstances.

Nice to be reminded of that feeling.


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