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Transit of Mercury 9th November 2006 equipment


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About this observation
Peter Anderson
Time of observation
08/11/2018 - 14:00
Observing location
Townsville, Queensland, Australia while touring.
20X60 monocular projecting image onto card
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Note Date is 9th November 2006.

Heath Robinson lives!  A hastily cobbled together projection apparatus:  20X60 monocular taped to a camera tripod and the card shaded by bits of cardboard and a handkerchief. The card itself was adjusted square on by placing a flip flop (which Australians call a thong!) underneath. Our motorhome in which we were touring, is in the background and you can see that the equipment is literally in the gutter area beside the street. To paraphrase Boswell (I think) - but the original was a longer and somewhat questionable story, 'The wonder is not how well it was done, but that it was done at all'.

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