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Mars observed from COAA - 8th August 2018


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About this observation
Dean Ashton
Time of observation
08/08/2018 - 23:29
Observing location
COAA, Algarve, Portugal
500mm Newtonian /f13
2.5x Luminos Barlow
Celestron SkyRis 132M
/f13, 3ms exposures over 2-minutes
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Bev Ewan-Smith and myself captured this monochrome image of Mars on the 8th August, from COAA in the Algarve.  Part of the sky was obscured by smoke from burning wild-fires near by, but fresh winds cleared the southern sky so that we could capture this image.

The summer dust storm is abating but still clearly obscuring some features in this image.


djswan2002's picture

Excellent image - I'm sure the Mars section will want a copy.

Dean Ashton's picture

Thank you David.  I am not sure how it works for offering images to specific sections such as the Mars section.

djswan2002's picture

I am jealous of the resolution you are able to achieve :) - I have been trying out my Baader IR pass and C8 at f/10 with essentially no success.

Richard McKim has put info on how and what to submit here:

Dean Ashton's picture

The resolution issue is probably not your kit David, more likely the low altitude of Mars in the UK.

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