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Milky Way


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About this observation
John Bell
Time of observation
10/07/2018 - 00:19
Milky Way
Observing location
North Cornwall
Sony A7S modded
iOptron SkyStacker
80sec f1.4 24mm iso8000
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Amazed at the brightness of the milky way from here (invisible from home) Interested in id of the red (H alpha) region above Antares and near delta Oph. Presumably a LBN object.


nickjames's picture

That really is awesome. Is this really a single 80s frame? The reason I ask is the original A7S does strange things to the raw file beyond 30s. In fact, while the A7s is a stunning camera the Sony raw file format is really a pain. What firmware version are you using on the camera?

John Bell's picture

Sorry Nick. It is a stack of three subs. All at 80sec. Firmware version is Body ILCE-7S ver 3.20 I think that is an early version of the A7S-1. I've never worried too much about the so called Sony star-eater. It goes deep enough for me, and I routinely expose for 3 or 4 minutes at home.. My version of DSS stacker doesn't accept Sony raw files. I convert to DNG in order to stack.

nickjames's picture

John - Yes that's the firmware version in mine. I think the raw star-eater problem got worse with the mark 2 body. Anyway, it certainly didn't have any bad effect on this image which is really stunning.

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