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Bill Fox and Alan Heath's 3-inch refractor


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About this observation
Bill Leatherbarrow
Time of observation
20/06/2018 - 20:05
Bill Fox/Alan Heath 3-inch refractor
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James Dawson recently posted a couple of lovely pictures of Alan Heath with the 3-inch refractor he uses for his daily solar observations. James comments that the instrument originally belonged to Bill Fox, one-time Director of the Jupiter Section. This is an old image of Bill Fox with what I take to be the same telescope. I thought it might be of some interest.


dawson's picture


Was this the picture which appeared in the Journal in recent times? Alan has seen a picture of the scope. When Bill gave the scope to Alan is was black, but Alan took off the black paint and got it back to brass. It's great to see the scope with Bill Fox.

w leatherbarrow's picture


I’ve had this picture for a long time, and I can’t recall if it has appeared in the Journal. It shows Bill Fox as quite a young man, but I have no information about when it was taken, or by whom..


Paul A Brierley's picture

I always enjoy looking at these pictures. The telescope is very basic by today's standards. But that didn't stop the observer from doing valuable work.

But-What I really like, is the way the observer is always, immaculately dressed.  

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