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The Jabal Rayah Impact Crater outside Tabuk


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About this observation
Colin Henshaw
Time of observation
15/06/2018 - 14:08
Impact Crater
Observing location
Sony Cybershot Camera
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Recently I was on a flight to Dubai and I realised that the flight path would probably take me past the crater. I made sure I secured a window seat at the back of the plane on the left-hand side, before the flight, and once on board made sure my camera was ready. The image (Fig 3) was obtained from the aeroplane about ten minutes into the flight after my departure from Tabuk, on September 30th 2015. The aeroplane flew very close to the crater, which was almost vertically beneath me. The circular outline of the crater is very obvious from altitude, and it is clearly a double ringed feature.

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