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Venus in UV, 2018 June 11


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About this observation
Bill Leatherbarrow
Time of observation
11/06/2018 - 17:11
Observing location
OMC300 Mak-Cass
ASI290MM camera
Baader UV filter
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At last some fair seeing for a UV Venus.


Chris Hooker's picture

Hi Bill,

I'd like to suggest an easy way to improve the appearance of your Venus images. You can suppress the rather noisy background by stretching the histogram slightly in Registax. It's one of the options on the Wavelet tab, and I use it for my Mercury images. You will probably need to check the box that says Log-based graph, then try dragging the left-hand slider to somewhere around the first peak and click Stretch. Done carefully it shouldn't affect the brightness levels on the disc itself, but will give you a nice black background.



w leatherbarrow's picture

Many thanks for the suggestion, Chris. I’ll certainly try it. As with your current Mercury images (which, by the way, are stunning), Venus is a testing subject at present, particularly when trying to capture UV images in broad daylight. So I’m grateful for any advice.

very best,


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