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Transit of Venus 2004-06-08.


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About this observation
Chris Dole
Time of observation
08/06/2018 - 00:06
Venus Transit.
Observing location
Lambourn, Berkshire. G.B.
152mm f8 refractor.
Digital camera with eyepiece projection.
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Fourteen years ago today. Perfect weather for this. Probably rarer than the event itself.


geoflewis's picture

Hi Chris,

What a superb image and a great memory. Unfortunately, astronomy was so far back on the back burner for me  during the '90s and naughties that I didn't even know about this event until I retired in 2012 and learned about the 2nd transit yet to happen. I got up early for that one and sat in the middle of the local recreation ground with a pair of 15x70 binos with home made solar filters, suffering strange looks and the odd comment from early morning joggers and dog walkers. A couple of folks asked me what I was doing and when I said I was waiting for the Sun to rise they looked skyward at the thick cloud cover and shook their heads. Needless to say I saw nothing....

I did get the Mercury transit in 2016, so something to remember there, but that was a tiny dot compared with what you saw with Venus

C'set la vie...


doley68's picture

I wasn't the regular observer back then that I am now either. I certainly wasn't an astro imager at all, in fact this might be my first astronomical image of any kind. I just held a digital camera up to the eyepiece and hoped for the best. If I remember rightly it had a sensor with a whole 2 megapixels!


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