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Bernard Lovell - work on meteors

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Bernard Lovell - work on meteors

Hi all,

I have just come across a large number of short clips of Bernard Lovell recounting his work at Jodrell Bank. There are a group that might be of particular interest to meteor observers. These are numbered 76 to 81 (out of 108).

#76 is here

Absolutely fascinating to hear it from the man himself! (Maybe others have seen these but I'm surprised they have such a low view count....)



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Bernard Lovell

Thanks for posting the YouTube link Bill. Plenty to view there from his early life onwards, I must follow up on the books on radar and H2S.My local library had Lovell's 'Meteor Astronomy' on it's shelves back in the late fifties (last century).

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I think I heard Jodrell just got a large Lottery payment to invest in inspiring the next generation of scientists. Its good to see his legacy still playing a role in the country.