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Zeta Orionis Regon - Graham Relf


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About this observation
Graham Relf
Time of observation
20/12/2010 - 13:00

The nebulosity near Zeta Orionis: NGC 2023 & 2024, IC 434 and B33 (Horsehead). Canon EOS 5D MkII at prime focus of SkyWatcher 254mm f/4.8 Newtonian. 18 x 30s at ISO 6400. 2010 Dec 11, 23:10:27 - 23:21:37 UT Graham writes: "This was taken with an unmodified Canon DSLR camera. I had previously believed that it was not possible to photograph the Horsehead Nebula without removing the infra red filter from in front of the CMOS detector in a digital SLR camera but this photo proves otherwise. My previous inability to photograph the Horsehead must have been due to light pollution at my suburban observing site. The present photo was taken from the village of Rookhope, high in the North Pennines. No filters have been used here. Clearly the emission nebula behind the Horsehead is reddish, so in other published photos that I have seen the predominant red colour was not just due to using H-alpha filters."

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