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Large craters in full sunlight


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About this observation
Richard Bosman
Time of observation
24/03/2018 - 19:50
Observing location
Enschede Netherlands
Basler Ace 1920
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Large craters in full sunlight.

This observation shows that despite no bright shadows you can still make an excellent overview of an area that lies directly on the eastern edge of the moon.
At the top left of the edge we see the Humbolt crater (207 km), you can still see the central mountain.

At the bottom left, in the full sunlight, see Crater Petavius with Vallis Palitzsch (dark gray) above. To the right of Petavius the crater Snellius (83 km, seem like a bowl), you look beautiful against the crater wall. From there on the right crater Stevinus with a small central mountain. Above this a larger crater Furnerius (125 Km), you see in the crater bottom a rima (rima Furnerius). At the top right you can see two dark craters Gum (55 km) and Oken (72 km) and also Mare Autrale. Finally, to the right a piece of Vallis Rheita.

This observation shows in perspective the craters through which you look at every crater wall.

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