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Jupiter and Ganymede


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About this observation
Chris Dole
Time of observation
06/05/2018 - 23:45
Observing location
Newbury. G.B.
180mm Maksutov Cassegrain @f38
ZWO ASI224mc camera.
EQ6 pro mount.
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I was lucky with this image as the seeing conditions deteriorated quickly soon afterwards.


djswan2002's picture

Very nice indeed. And all the better because so few images have been submitted of Jupiter around this opposition (presumably because of low altitude / bad seeing).

doley68's picture

Thanks David. I always persevere with the planets, even when low down as the seeing can be surprisingly good at times. I've had some very good seeing occasionally when observing Saturn in recent years. 

Having said that, I just popped out to observe Venus and the seeing here is absolutely terrible, so I might give it a miss tonight.

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